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Morris Family Fills the Gaps


It is everything. Just google gut health + _____ (any physical struggle you may be facing) and you will be surprised how wildly connected it is. And how it is a really amazing way we live bright physically!

The Lord was so specific and creative in His incredible design of our bodies and exactly how we were made to thrive! 

He wired us with three pillars of health: blood sugar, inflammation and gut health

When one of those is off-kilter, the rest of our daily life can be impacted in profound ways. 

"I don't need supplements and vitamins. I eat well and I exercise! And I don't do MLMS!"

Fantastic! But two things. 1. How do you feel? I could sit down with you for hours and share my passion for inside-out gut health and why it is so important for you, your little ones, and the legacy you are leaving for your grandchildren.

In fact, see that box below? I would absolutely love to. Book a 15 minute coffee or tea date with me, drink is on me! And we will see if your wellness journey has any gaps we can help fill. 

And 2. I didn't "do" MLMS either...until the Lord humbled my tush to realize I do love supporting my real-life friends. And I do love knowing I can trust they have my best in mind. And I do love knowing that I am supporting their family, part of my kingdom family. Gift all around. P.S. I know a sister in every "area" of wellness (clean beauty tools, hand-crafted artisan jewelry, books for your tots, toxin-free cleaning...would you like their name and number? :))

Or if you prefer, just check out my story and some quick facts below, and find out how my business of hope has transformed hundreds of my friends' and family members lives in the last five years. I never thought stay-at-home mama and wellness coach would be roles I play daily, but God had some pretty sweet plans. 

Book a date!

60-second short story: In March of 2016 our oldest son was born. I loved being a new mama! But I was struggling severely with postpartum anxiety and paranoia. I wasn't sleeping and I was barely eating, my brain fog was so severe and I thought this was what my motherhood would be. After all, mental health had been my story for over a decade. When he was two months old, I developed a rash on my breast that doctors thought was cancer. Praise the Lord it was not! But this led us to discovering an autoimmune condition and the reason my immune system had been so poor since I was a child. 

Fast forward to endless research, trying everything under the sun in the forms of medications, nutrition and vitamins... nothing touched the rash or the pain I was in. 

A friend reached out and introduced me to her favorite gut health tools that had "changed her life". Skeptically, I gave it a try. Four weeks later my rash and pain were gone, my "gray" cloud lifted, my bloating and digestion improved and my ruling anxiety disappeared for the first time in years. 

I had to tell the world. 

But first I had to understand why, I thought I was "healthy".

Nutritional gaps in the world's current condition, rounds of antibiotics, hormone changes, pregnancy, aging, environmental factors, family history, normal life stress and its impact on the body... that was why. 

Now here I am five years later, living brighter and helping my friends do the same. Because while no physical story on earth will be perfect and there will be suffering, the Lord created us to steward every inch of our story with care! 

If I can tend to it as mama and for my sons, then I'll do my darndest with the highest quality, difference-making tools there are. And I love helping my people do the same. Peak below at our daily essentials and let's get them stocked in your cupboards if they aren't already, you will love them!

My Mama Juice

The only pink drink you'll ever need. It balances your blood sugar, stabilizes your hormones and feeds your gut with prebiotics to improve your microbiome. P.S. not a weight loss tool, a weight 'management' tool. As someone with a history of an eating disorder, it was important to me I wasn't on any fads. I love that this product was designed by an endocrinologist to "slim" the blood sugar into proper balance and help my motherhood thrive as it was meant to.

Xfactor Plus

Does your multivitamin make a difference? Is it methylated and bioavailable? How about your kiddos? This one made a world of difference for me... no more cold sores, no more antibiotics several times a year, no more chronic runny nose and nutrient deficiencies in my lab work.


If you don't take a probiotic that you see change with in your every day life, Probio5 is it! I have heard from so many families that they've bought the "expensive" ones and none made a difference. The key is in the formulation -- good bacteria + quality digestive enzymes ... wa-la!

Xfactor for Kids!

We love this 2-in-1 multivitamin + probiotic. They are delicious and the kids look forward to the "vitamin shop" every morning. Brain, heart, immune and digestive health right here.


Jeff and I love our coffee, but we don't go a day without our Active as parents. Mental clarity + clean, non-jittery energy, that boosts our nitric oxide and increases our blood flow... amen!


A non-fishy, broad spectrum plant-based Omega that delivers the heart-healthy benefits of fish oil, without the unpleasant aftertaste. Omega-3 fatty acids are super healthy and support everything from your heart to your brain and even help manage stress!

Mighty Kids!

An omega & gut health drink for the kiddos. Nourishes the brain and strengthens their immune system. We add our friends' local elderberry to it and it is so tasty!

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