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Morris Family Reading List 

Let's keep it simple, sweet mamas. We don't have the time to go pee by ourselves, much less read a book. Yet we encourage our littles to pick up their own books. How about we make 2022 a year where we turn more pages together? 

My best tips: reading on the couch with them, and you model what it looks like to enjoy reading together... or in a hot bath after they go to sleep, or set aside the last 20 minutes before bed to unwind well (I'm still working on this one)!

Though this isn't a complete list, here are some of our top discipleship at-home tools. 

  • The Ology - A storybook that brings children into adventure, mystery, and wonder in which they discover life-changing truths about God, themselves, and the world around them.

  • Little Pilgrim's Progress - A spin on the classic, this version portrays the characters of Bunyan’s tale as furry creatures living in an imaginative, woodland realm. Our boys love it!

  • The Bible Handbook - A tool that has brought the Bible to life in a new way and deepened my understanding of its historical context by simplifying my lens as I move through it this year. 

  • Daily Truth for Kids - An encouragement for moms and littles, as it covers emotions and struggles that kids face with a short stanza and a list of Scripture for each topic.

  • Missional Motherhood - A formative book for my mothering years, looking at how despite the routine tasks and mundane to-dos, motherhood is anything but insignificant. Highly recommend!

  • Created With Emotions - Everything God creates is good. Even our emotions can bring Him glory! This is superb as our children notably swing from here to there in emotions each day. 

  • Mama Bear Apologetics - A must-read if you're raising children in this generation and for the next and you feel any sort of concern about it.

  • Gospel Conversation Starters - Set them around your table for after dinner and family worship. A great time to get to know the heart of Christ for the heart of your home. 

  • Risen Motherhood - I have listened to their podcast for years, and now diving into their book has been honey for my mama soul.

  • Wonder Full - Oliver and his grandfather spend days sitting in front of an old Oak tree, reading through the book of Psalms together. As Oliver's curiosity about God evolves into a deep and abiding faith, his grandfather continues to read to him and pray with him, discovering together the beauty of the Psalms. 

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