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Meet Our Family!

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

Some of you know us oh so well, others haven't a clue who these faces are. Either way, I am so happy to connect with you and hope one day that is over a warm meal that Jeff makes and getting to know the heart of your story.

Welcome to our blog space! I am Margot and this is my incredible husband, Jeff. He is a talented CPA (accounting stuff), just earned his Masters in Divinity, and is our steady and solid anchor (apart from Jesus). He leads us so well, he's the most wonderful chef/baker, loves to be outside and is the absolute best "playing" and disciplined dad for our boys. We will be married eight years in April but have been together for a decade. Our story is one I may share some day, but for now meet our crew.

William (almost 6) is our serious, intuitive, passionate, friendly and kind eldest son. Grayson (just turned 4) is the snuggly, goofy, shy till he's not, generous and encouraging middle son. They are both so creative, love costumes, building with their hands and sharing how they feel! And Nathan Lee will be one next month. It is hard to describe him in just a few words, but he is full of life, rolls and smiles. I guarantee he wants to be in your life, because he makes his presence known.

“Our family loves Jesus and people, Encanto, we're a bit rambunctious, we give great hugs and we are...what's the word...intentional with our family and friends. ” - Jeff on the spot.

There will be more in the days ahead, but thanks for getting to know us!


The Morris Fam

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