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How many times did you laugh today?

I'm so serious. And I don't mean the side chuckle or half-smile we give our friends to make the moment palatable.

I mean the kind that takes the ache away!

The kind that makes our heart beat faster!

The laughter that we feel from the inside out,

that brings warmth and a renewed spirit!

The laughter that we will remember for years to come,

The one that helps us fall asleep easy at night.

My babiest boy has been all about the laughs these days.

Specifically, making himself laugh and shining his "teefers" high into the sky to get a beaming smile out of his audience.

He is a ham. A holy ham, solidifying just how good God is

and just how purposeful laughter is in the world for our weary bones and hearts.

So google it.

Look it up in the Bible.

Try it out for size!

Bonus if it's alongside a baby with chubby cheeks and cackly giggles or kiddos who will laugh at the absolute worst dad jokes imaginable.

I'd love to hear what makes you laugh the hardest, what was one of your most laughter-filled memories, who is that person who can get those belly rolls moving and deep holy spirit laughter overflowing?

Hugs friend,


P.S. Follow along at Living Bright Now for baby cuteness, reel-life honesty and mama mantras for your days!

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