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Mama's & Littles Wellness


We eat chicken nuggets, we watch Bluey, and I am unashamed to say there are times when my nervous system has nothing left to offer but a third snack and time-filling screen time. We also love the great outdoors, family walks, camping trips, nourishing meals, filling our nutritional gaps, and being proactive with our daily life.

And we laugh a whole lot. It is the very best medicine!

I believe inside-out wellness begins with our little ones watching mama and looking inside to see where it begins in them... their heart. As they discover more of God and more of who God created in them, I love watching them move freely in bright living. 

The world is imperfect though, as hard as we strive, and I have promised (with their dad) to put the tools in their hands to equip them well for understanding and connection-- beginning with God and His word, and then with whole body tools for their very good design. 

If inside-out wellness is important to you, click our lists below and see if any of them suit your seasons' needs. I'd love to connect more about what we've loved and why!


We believe the gospel comes with a house key. We believe there is power in words. We believe that the more we learn, the better armored we are. And also, books are just fun!

Here's our favorites list!

Vitamins & Gut Health 

For a thousand reasons, we supplement and we encourage all of our friends to as well. You can read my inside-out health story here or take our quiz to see if your family has any areas we can help fill with some TLC!

Busy Hands

Screens are sometimes essential and rest is always needed, but I have three sons and if I know kids, they don't always know how to stop from sunrise to sundown. Take a peak at some of our busy hand must haves!

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