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Little Wonders

(A click-through of our wonder years)


If you have the privilege of shepherding a child, whether as a parent or in the spiritual role you've been given, I firmly believe you have been handed

the wonder of wonder years.

A decade ago it was my students as their teacher. 

Now it's three sons in the day-to-day, and all of their friends we get to do life with. 

And let me blow your mind, mama to three is the hardest and the greatest and the never-want-to-trade-it-est.

Here you'll find the nitty gritty of our days. 

The discoveries. 
The growing pains. 
The silly memories. 
The wonder. 

The moments I want their grandchildren to know, learn from, laugh with and be glad in. 

The moments their wives smile fondly at knowing they shaped them into the men, and Lord-willing, the fathers they will be. 

Now I'm not your aesthetically-savvy mom friend, nor your perfectly kept home friend. But if you come for a visit, I can promise a warm cup of coffee, a listening ear, and a place to feel at home in a world that feels far from it. And if you sit with me here, you may just feel the same.

Pop below for our first few moments together.

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