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Hi! I'm Margot

Somehow you've ended up here, and I'm so glad. I love the company of toddlers at my ankles and being the snack queen for my beloved little whirlwinds, but I also really enjoy the company of you. Being a woman on this journey, as we discover the threads of our beautifully woven life.  The things that connect us, the things that can grow us if we let them. 

Now let's get the first friend-date out of the way...


I'm not that funny, don't always understand sarcasm and I really can't dance (unless it's in the kitchen with my husband, and even then we step on toes). I probably take life too seriously and I don't know how to talk about the weather for long. I can be a smidge dramatic when it comes to kid owies and I never stick to a meal plan but I make one without fail. I like to have fun but I like to be home more. 

(This is a good time to sip from my awkward is my specialty mug... let's keep going!)

do love the experience of a latte and getting to know the bright story of you as the Lord does. I trust God's word was and is and always will be. I believe you are a facet of His light and the light will always shine before the darkness. I love the woods and being barefoot the majority of the time (like our wedding day!) Set me up with a fire, some good friends, the night sky and I'm set.  I am honest to a fault, a question-asker and sometimes say too-mucher. I feel things deeply and I see the world as one giant ball of color to discover and know.


I believe our eyes should always fix higher and our hearts should never feel alone.

My husband Jeff and I met in 2012, married in 2014, and had our first son in 2016. Many things happened before and in between those years, but I can one billion percent tell you that marriage + motherhood have been the two things the Lord has used to draw me into His gospel love most intimately, my need for Him most deeply, and my discovery of who I am as His daughter most tenderly. 

We have three sons now -- William, Grayson and Nathan -- and raising them to know the redeeming love of the Father, His word as truth, and the bright light of who they are in their Maker are the things that matter most to us. They are all things wild, sweet, adventurous, loud, creative and giggly and I will take every scoop of them every day. What an eternal treat to be their mama. 

In this space you will find mantras for your mothering, hope-nuggets for your little wonders, blessings for your month and tools that (like us!) may help you steward wellness in the corners of your own home. 

Hugs to you friend,



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