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A Kiss For Your Head


The Inspiration:

June Rose Moorman 


She was my Mammy. I was her Margot Moonbeam. And now I have my moon (Will), sun (Gray) and stars (Nathan) to share her bright legacy with and the importance of sharing our voice with the world, starting with the world in our home. 


The Blessing

My love for words came from many places, one of them being my Mammy, my dad's mom. She passed away in December of 2020 and I had the privilege of being there moments after she was ushered into glory. She would always say “a kiss for your head” for whomever she was with or talking to from miles away. She would give a kiss right on top as you said your goodbyes, and you knew you were known, held, and loved at that moment.


As the pages in your story turn each month, here is a 'kiss for your head' from me to you, a blessing for your month that I pray sticks you with refreshed & known just as my Mammy did for me.


 A new month is a new beginning, where all of what was, is carried into now and what will be. May you feel both the light of promise and the equal weight in the gift of this new time.

P.S. I hope these illustrations feel like the hug they are. My sister-friend from our years in California created them with love and care. Her bright comes through her soul to her hands, and I love her for it. Meet Kel, she's a keeper.

The Artist:

Kel, my forever sister-friend who has blessed me with the richness of heaven here on earth with the depths of her friendship, her eyes for the Lord's good gifts, the way she loves her people, and her appreciation for good coffee as much as me. She is an amazing wife to an adoring man and mama to two spirited loves on earth and two bright babes in heaven. I look forward to sharing more of her with more of you! 

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