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Margot Morris

Morning summer or spring. Beautiful wildflowers with dew drops at dawn, light blur, select

Welcome! I'm Margot, mama to three sons and a woman who loves Jesus with her whole heart. We live a simple life out east and are grateful for these kingdom-building days. I'm here to help you live out your bright in the middle of this messy, beautiful life. For the two-scoop details, here's some more about me.

Dear Friend,

First of all, a giant hug to you. I know you don’t have time to be here, I have an inner-script too. Your kid has a carrot shoved up his nose, someone is screaming for the missing toothbrush, your to-do list is far from the finish line and your heart is ready to hibernate for its own winter. But stick with me for a little while. There are moments here to breathe in, to ease that weary you carry, and to replace it with a few moments of gifted rest.

You do need the rest, dear ones. Jesus commanded it. He gifted it. And I’m a mom, I take obedience seriously (so my boys say). 


Have the days felt long and the years somehow short-handed? As I’ve leaned into what it means to live bright in the in-between of now and heaven, I’ve experienced our Maker securing me brave in such a sweet, tangible way.


He has clothed me in love and taught me to embrace what's caught here: the messy middle of living bright while in broken earth, waiting for our Eden-greeting, when Heaven on earth welcomes us home and all is whole with our King again. 

But for now, there is the in-between. Can we embrace it? What if we choose to walk in the treasured peace of this present gift, our life in Jesus that makes it more than possible. The gift of living out our unique (his)story with the bright hope of the cross, no matter how the pages turn. 

He purposed you and me for this time, for the people we find ourselves with, for the world as it is spinning, for the littles we chase. Mamas -- let's meet one another, let's connect richly. My hope is that we wouldn’t try and cloud the time or escape it, apologize for it or rush it, but that we would embrace it bright together.

 Thanks for sitting with me for a while. The carrots can wait.




"I don't know the end of tomorrow's story, but I have found the one who gives me rest. I will make my bed in His promises, for He holds true when nothing's left... we are made alive, by the King who paints beauty with time." -- John Lucas

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